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Ontario Masters Championship 2022 Classic

Date: Feb 5, 2022
Category Listing
Location: Duntroon, ON
Host Club: Highlands Trailblazers

Convenor Wendy Grater 
Asst Convenor Jane Ravenshaw 
Asst Convenor Glenn Meeuwisse 
Results Al White 
Obs. Time:
Results  Report to Al
Start Time 10:00 to 11:30Self timed
Where? Granary Room

Race Categories
M04 1976-1972 MaleResultsStartList
F04 1976-1972 FemaleResultsStartList
M05  1971-1967 MaleResultsStartList
M06  1966-1962 MaleResultsStartList
F06  1966-1962 FemaleResultsStartList
M07  1961-1957 MaleResultsStartList
F07  1961-1957 FemaleResultsStartList
M08  1956-1952 MaleResultsStartList
F08  1956-1952 FemaleResultsStartList
M10  1946-1942 MaleResultsStartList
All CategoriesResultsStartList

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