No Internet? No Problem.

The Zone4 Serverbox allows race timing in areas with unreliable or unavailable internet access.

Zone4 Timing is a Web Application, which means you need an internet connection to access it. But for venues with no internet, or for important races that can't risk losing their connection, we offer a local server option.

Set up a Zone4 Serverbox at your race to maintain a copy of the Zone4 timing software on your local network. When there's no internet, the timing system will keep working offline. When an internet connection is available, all the race data will be automatically synchronized between the Serverbox and the Zone4 website.

Intel NUC Server

  • Proven, Reliable Hardware commonly used in datacentres and industrial applications.
  • USB port to allow connection of a Summit modem.
  • Large hard drive can store hundreds of races.

Wifi Access Point

  • Simple and stable wireless access point.
  • Provide a preconfigured wireless network for race timing computers and devices to communicate on.
  • Four ethernet ports allow connection to serverbox as well as race timing laptops.
  • Upstream ethernet port for connecting to internet.

The Zone4 Serverbox is priced at $1470 including the wifi access point and a protective case, or $250 for a weekend rental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Serverbox

Probably not. GoChips and Android keypads store their recorded times, so even if you are offline the timing data will still sync back up to the website when you get back to an internet connection. You only need a serverbox if you need to produce results offline.

Is the Serverbox Waterproof

No, the serverbox is not waterproof or weatherproof. It is designed to be set up indoors or in a sheltered area.

Can the serverbox be run off a battery?

Yes, the serverbox has a low power draw, which makes it suitable to run off a battery. A 100watt-hour lithium ion battery pack can power a serverbox for approximately 6hrs.

Can I connect the serverbox to my WiFi?

No, the serverbox needs a wired (ethernet) connection to the internet. This can be through an existing wired network at your venue, or by connecting a cellular modem.