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Haywood NorAm Easterns AltaGas Cl Sprints 2019

Date: Feb 1, 2019
Location: Duntroon
Host Club: Highlands Trailblazers

Technical Delegate:  Jacques Dumont 
Chief of Competition:  Shawn Sinclair 
Assistant TD  Pierrot Bernier 
Apprentice TD  Claude Laramee 
Asst. Chief of Comp  Al White 
CCC Race Direor  Dave Dyer 
Obs. Time: 10:20am
Wind Vel:  15 km/hr Wind Dir: SW
Air Temp: -16C Snow Temp:
Weather: sunny Snow Cond: fresh

Open Women 1.5 km. Classic  1.5 K Sprint Course Course Info:  MC: 20m   HD: 35m   TC: 53m 
Bib Name SubCategory Club Team Start Time
1 Laura Leclair Senior Women Chelsea Nordiq (QC) CNEPH 10:30:15.00
2 Katie Weaver Senior Women Hollyburn Ski Club RMR 10:30:30.00
3 Annika Richardson Senior Women Lappe Nordic NTDC TBay 10:30:45.00
4 Zoë Williams Senior Women Nakkertok Nordique (QC) QCST/ Carleton U 10:31:00.00
5 Mia Serratore Senior Women Big Thunder Nordic   10:31:15.00
6 Frédérique Vézina Senior Women C.N.E.P.H CNEPH 10:31:30.00
7 Liliane Gagnon Junior Women Skibec   10:31:45.00
8 Hannah Shields Senior Women Nakkertok Nordique (QC)   10:32:00.00
9 Tove Halvorsen Junior Women Nakkertok Nordique (QC) QCST 10:32:15.00
10 Heidi Stewart Junior Women Big Thunder Nordic NTDC TBay 10:32:30.00
11 Bronwyn Williams Junior Women Nakkertok Nordique (QC)   10:32:45.00
12 Alexandra Slobodian Senior Women Nakkertok Nordic (ON) Carleton U 10:33:00.00
13 Shaylynn Loewen Junior Women Georgian Nordic NTDC TBay 10:33:15.00
14 Erin Yungblut Senior Women Rocky Mountain Racers RMR 10:33:30.00
15 Chloe Ranahan Junior Women Nakkertok Nordic (ON) Carleton U 10:33:45.00
16 Erika Mihell Senior Women Soo Finnish Lakehead U 10:34:00.00
17 Lotte Kallio Junior Women Chelsea Nordiq (QC)   10:34:15.00
18 Maggie McClure Senior Women Halifax Nordic NSST 10:34:30.00
19 Anna Stewart Junior Women Big Thunder Nordic   10:34:45.00
20 Sonjaa Schmidt Junior Women Whitehorse Ski Club YTST 10:35:00.00
21 Emma Holmes Senior Women Rocky Mountain Racers Carleton U 10:35:15.00
22 Alyssa Stowe Senior Women Carleton University Carleton U 10:35:30.00
23 Jessica Roach Senior Women Team Hardwood Georgian College 10:35:45.00
24 Stella Duncan Junior Women Chelsea Nordiq (QC)   10:36:00.00
25 Laura Inkila Senior Women Lappe Nordic   10:36:15.00
26 Dahlia Lapointe Junior Women Whitehorse Ski Club YTST 10:36:30.00
27 Freya Hik Senior Women Hollyburn Ski Club   10:36:45.00
28 Mariah Hudec Senior Women North Highlands Nordic NSST 10:37:00.00
29 Shelby Howard Senior Women Carleton University Carleton U 10:37:15.00
30 Sophia Marshall Junior Women Highlands Trailblazers   10:37:30.00
31 Emily Drake Senior Women North Bay Nordic Nipissing U 10:37:45.00
32 Leyla Barber Junior Women Team Hardwood   10:38:00.00
33 Sophia Slater Junior Women North Bay Nordic Nipissing U 10:38:15.00
34 Tessa Warkentine Junior Women Boundary Trails Nordic MBST 10:38:30.00
35 Meghan Burns Junior Women Nakkertok Nordic (ON) Carleton U 10:38:45.00
36 Emerson Bach Junior Women North Bay Nordic Nipissing U 10:39:00.00
37 Emma Cornell Junior Women Highlands Trailblazers   10:39:15.00
38 Laura Parent Junior Women Carleton University Carleton U 10:39:30.00
39 Holly Fleming Senior Women Big Thunder Nordic Lakehead University 10:39:45.00
40 Lily Wortley Junior Women Highlands Trailblazers   10:40:00.00
41 Hannah Rydlo Junior Women Highlands Trailblazers   10:40:15.00
42 Angela Cronhelm Junior Women Aurora Nordic XCNL 10:40:30.00
43 Fiona Schute Junior Women Nakkertok Nordic (ON)   10:40:45.00
44 Raylan Stroud Senior Women Arrowhead Nordic U of Guelph 10:41:00.00
45 Hannah Goodings Senior Women Waterloo Region U of Waterloo 10:41:15.00
46 Jordyn Leighton Senior Women Carleton University Carleton University 10:41:30.00
47 Marina Tusz Senior Women Laurentian Nordic Laurentian U 10:41:45.00
48 Katie Grove Senior Women Laurentian Nordic Laurentian U 10:42:00.00
49 Olivia Wolfram Junior Women Laurentian Nordic Laurentian U 10:42:15.00
50 Lindsay Raymond Junior Women Georgian Nordic Northern Ontario Division Junior Lakers 10:42:30.00
51 Hannah Skelton Junior Women Highlands Trailblazers   10:42:45.00

Results are posted through an automated system by licenced clubs. For inquires about result corrections please contact the race organizer.

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