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Rental Damage and Loss Policy

It is the renters responsibility to cover costs associated with damage to and loss of rented equipment from the moment they receive the equipment to the moment it returns to the Zone4 Warehouse. All rented equipment that leaves the Zone4 Warehouse has been tested and is in good working order. It is the renter’s responsibility to check the condition of received equipment for any damage sustained during shipping well in advance of the event.

The renter must contact Zone4 within a reasonable period of time after receiving the equipment and before the first event the rented equipment is to be used at regarding damage to the equipment they received to avoid being charged for this damage. Regarding items that are received damaged, the renter must include in their communication with Zone4, which item(s) was/were damaged including any ID number(s), description of the damage and photo(s) of the damage.

Zone4 checks the condition of rented equipment when it returns to the Zone4 Warehouse and assesses any damage or loss costs. Any assessed damage or loss costs will be billed to the renter. Damage and loss costs are assessed based on replacement or repair costs including parts, labour and costs associated with inventory management.